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Export Packaging

Packaging also plays a key role in export success as it helps in the safe keep of products, retaining them in perfect condition until reaching the destination and also uniquely positioning and differentiating them.

Simplicious is currently exporting five different products to more than many countries around the world.

We are selecting the right design, packaging materials, packaging for all modes of transportation and markets. Packaging materials must also be tested to validate their performance.

To enrich Sri Lankan image, and our global partners with high quality food exports.

To engage all our partners and stakeholders in a mutually beneficial relationship that helps us offer superior products, competitive pricing and timely delivery.

We use easily recyclable packaging material
without any environmental damage.
Plywood boxes and shipping crates, corrugated packaging and
wood packaging are some popular packaging materials used in our export packaging.
Including required wood packaging
to be marked and accompanied by a certificate.
We give good product protection
and demand minimum weight and volume of packaging.